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Continued from part 4

there will be a Data Dump in the Radiant Garden due to Illuminati and ACME Forces withdrawn from Radiant Garden

Payton: ok! everybody let's go to the Radiant Garden

Payton: and once we takes over Radiant Garden, you Imperials! sets Teleportarium networks on these places: Traverse Town, Radiant Garden, Mobius, Equestria, and Mushroom Kingdom

Korra: as well my world

Payton: to link them all

Twilight Sparkle: but what about transportation between the multiverses?

Guardsman Marbo: our Warp-ships can replaces your Interdimensional Space Station

Payton: we should Retrofits Imperial's Warp Ships with technology that we recovers from Interdimensional Space Station

(Payton then orders Tails, Sniffles, Professor E.Gadd, and Techpriests to retrofits Imperials' warp ships with technology that allows them to Travels through multiverses, and after the Warp-ships are retrofitted with technology from destroyed Interdimensional Space Station, the Payton's team(now also joined by Keyblade-wielding Custodes named Yab Htedra) then rides the Retrofitted Warp Ship)

Gabriel Angelos: Wait! our Battle Brothers can help you

Commander Bitchslap: and so some of my men!

(as the Payton's team rides Retrofitted Warp Ship, the Ultramarines and Blood Ravens as well Cadians and Catachans (now, they all armed with better weapons but minus named 40k characters apart from Marbo for Catachans and Yab Htedra) backs up Payton's team and finally, the retrofitted Warp Ship are flies away from Traverse Town. meanwhile in the Traverse Town, Space Marine scouts founds a Grave of John Doe)

Space Marine Scout: we finds something

(the Space Marine scout are followed by his Fellow Battle Brothers to recovers coffin from John Doe's grave, and inside the coffin, there's Materias)

Marneus Calgar: we have found gems that can give people Superhuman Powers

Varro Tigurius: and these can makes me more powerful

(the Named characters of 40k then equips themselves with Materias. Meanwhile, in the Warp ship that Payton's team rides, Payton's team got incoming Transmission from Team Fortress 2 Universe)

Astropath: we got incoming Transmission from Team Fortress 2 universe

Payton: Navigator! fly this vessel to Team Fortress 2 Universe

(Payton then orders Navigator to fly into Team Fortress 2 Universe where in their way to Team Fortress 2 Universe, there's Commander Shadowsun(in her Tau battlesuit) floats lifelessly in the crash course of the Warp ship)

Payton: Space Marine, takes her to the onboard the Warp Ship with your graviton gun

(Payton then orders Space Marine to takes Commander Shadowsun to onboard the Warp ship where After taken into Warp Ship, Commander Shadowsun wakes up surrounded by Payton's team)

Commander Shadowsun: where Am I?

Payton: nice to join us, your Battlesuit has been repaired

Commander Shadowsun: looks like I'm a Sole Survivor of Tau Empire(during the destruction of 40k Galaxy)

Mario: mamma mia! I has cooked some Vegan foods for you

Commander Shadowsun: thank you Gue'Vesa!

(the Warp ship that transports Payton's Team has finally reaches Team Fortress 2 Earth. meanwhile on Team Fortress 2 Earth, a Bored TF2 casts waiting for something)

Engineer: I has sent the SETI Signal and yet we got no answer so far

Heavy: I want more Sandvich!

(We sees Luigi, Flaky, and Fluttershy goes into obstacle course with Commissar behind them)

Commissar: keep moving!

Luigi: I'm scared

Flaky and Fluttershy: we too!

(Meanwhile, the Scout is scouting around where he spots blue blur)

Scout: what's that?

(Scout finds out that the Blue Blur are actually Sonic which comes to recruits Scout)

Scout: we got new Friends!

(the rest of TF2 casts then follows Scout to the place where the Payton's team was)

Engineer: looks like someone has answers my SETI

Payton: welcome to my team *recruits TF2 Casts to his team only to got gunpoints of TF2 mercs* and Navigator! do you have enough money to cover their salary so they won't hostile to us

Navigator: Yes

Tails: but how about Commissar subjects Luigi, Flaky, and Fluttershy to scary obstacle course?

(meanwhile, the Commissar still subjects Luigi, Flaky, and Fluttershy to Obstacle course until a Catachan Guardsman tells Commissar to stops that)

Catachan Guardsman: stop that!

(then, after Payton's team recruits Team Fortress 2 Casts to his team, they all(along Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Cadians, and Catachans that backs up them) goes back to their warp ship)

Payton: now we're complete and next stop! Radiant Garden

(Payton then orders Navigator to flies modified Warp Ship to the universe where the Radiant Garden are located and finally, the Warp Ship that carries Payton's team are lands in the Radiant Garden(specifically in the southern Section of the Radiant Garden outside the Radiant Garden itself that's abandoned building that's used to be villain vale that cleared by orbital bombardment just before the Warp ship lands) and after the Warp ship lands, Payton's team(with Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Cadians, and Catachans as well Generic Tree Friend soldiers and former crews and Staff of Interdimensional Space Station) disembarks from Warp ship, and then the Warp ship flies to the upper atmosphere after everyone onboard that aren't Astropaths, Navigators, and Imperial Navy personnel disembarks)

Payton: finally we're reaches it

Adam Jensen: according to my database, the Hollow Bastion Restoration committee hires Illuminati and ACME to fully restores Radiant Garden, this allows Illuminati takes over Radiant Garden and it's inhabitants are being held as prisoner(after the Illuminati putting Miley Cyrus in the Disney Fortress throne)

Payton: so let's free the Radiant Garden from the Illuminati

Adam Jensen: but the defense are somewhat impenetrable, and according to my analysis, it also utilizes Kryptonite Guns

Flippy: how about sending Generic Tree Friends soldiers?

(Flippy then sends all the Generic Tree Friends soldiers only to got wiped out by Radiant Garden defense)

Adam Jensen: *Calls Gabriel Angelos* Captain Gabe! would you deep strike your forces(with Techmarines to captures Radiant Garden as well all troops are transported with Land Raider) into behind Radiant Garden walls?

Gabriel Angelos: *Talks through Adam Jensen's augs* sir yes sir

(after Adam Jensen requests Gabriel Angelos for Deep Strike, the Deep Strike that Jensen requests are landed behind Radiant Garden walls, but after the Land Raiders comes out from their Drop Pods, they all got toppled by Claymore, so this forces Space Marines to comes out from Land Raider, and they got attacked by Claymore)

Space Marines: *talks through Adam Jensen's augs* we're no match for Claymore

Payton: Jensen, it's up to you!

(Adam Jensen then runs into Radiant Garden where he deploys Retractable suit of Armor and turns invisible(before he do that, he spawns his holographic mirages to distracts Radiant Garden's defense that aren't Claymore), then after he reaches Radiant Garden wall, he leaps and uses his grappling hook gun to climb the walls, after he's inside, he runs from Claymore until he reaches the postern section of the Castle where he encounters Robocop)

Robocop: You're under Arrest!

Adam Jensen: why you're hostile to us?

Robocop: fourth directive

(Just before Robocop attacks Adam Jensen, Adam Jensen hacks Robocop so the Robocop takes side of Adam Jensen and his team, and once he enters the Castle, he finds control room of the Radiant Garden, and finally after he reaches the Radiant Garden Control Room, he hacks Radiant Garden Computer network to captures Radiant Garden so the Radiant Garden are finally under control of Payton's team(Adam Jensen finishes hacking Radiant Garden computer system just before the Data Dump Timer expires). and finally, the rest of Payton's team storms Radiant Garden after Adam Jensen takes over Radiant Garden with his powers)

Adam Jensen: welcome to the Radiant Garden!

Payton: who's the occupants of Radiant Garden that being held as prisoner?

Adam Jensen: according to data that I got from hacking Radiant Garden computer system, they're FF characters

Payton: so would you free them?

Adam Jensen: yes! *Hacks Radiant Garden computer system*

(Adam Jensen then sets FF characters free by hacking Radiant Garden computer system once more and finally the FF characters are freed from their prisons and joins Payton's team)

Payton: welcome to my team

Flaky: does our group is too big for a Protagonist group?

Payton: and what's about the data from Radiant that's about to be dumped?

Adam Jensen: here it is: Ansem's last will

Ansem's Last will

hello everybody, I'm going to the Anunnaki's Kingdom Hearts to restores everything that destroyed for it's construction and this mission is surely my last mission before I died in their hands

Adam Jensen: and it's holds the key to restores your worlds, my fellow HTFs

(Suddenly, someone tells everyone to comes out from Radiant Garden's castle)

Guardsman: everybody! there's holographic image in the sky

(Everyone then goes outside Radiant Garden castle to beholds it)

Anunnaki Prince Horon: hear me everyone!

Anunnaki Prince Horon: gives our godpharaoh Plankton or your blood will drowns the galaxies and your body will feeds us, Goyim

(the holographic image of Horon in the sky then replaced by something that looks like Eye of Sauron, except it's electrical and it's purple in color)


(the holographic image of Anu finally disappears from the sky. but this leaving everyone panic)

Payton: all the HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and me of course, go and hide in the Castle, Max you can hide along your fellow HTFs where your Pokemon, Jirachi can provides some literal Deus Ex backing for us. but Sniffles, you should helps Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Professor E. Gadd, Engineer, and Techpriests/Techmarines install Vulcan Mega-Bolter(Gatling Guns that fires Rocket-propelled Grenades) turrets with Point-defense laser on their tops at the top of the Radiant Garden wall towers before you hide. Imperial Guardsmen, garrison the walls. and Space Marines as well Guardsman Marbo, Commander Shadowsun, and Yab Htedra, stick with us when we're goes outside Radiant Garden walls

(Sniffles, Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Professor E. Gadd, Engineer, and Techpriests/Techmarines installs Vulcan Mega-Bolter turrets at the top of each Radiant Garden Wall towers where Twilight Sparkle enchants it to have infinite Ammo and after they installs it, Sniffles is ordered to hide in the castle along most other HTFs, the Hiding HTFs then founds some Prism Tanks from Red Alert 2)

Toothy: *Talks through Payton's communicator* look! we founds something, it's prism tanks from Red Alert 2 in the Radiant Garden basement

Payton: good! we need some Tank bunker built outside the Radiant Garden Perimeter walls

(Payton then orders Engineer and Techmarines to built Tank bunkers outside the Radiant Garden walls while he orders Imperial Guardsmen to drives Prism tanks to outside Radiant Garden complex, and then the Prism Tanks are parked inside their Tank Bunkers. the Techmarines are also installs advanced Atomantic Field Generator that protects Radiant Garden Complex)

Techmarines: it can comfortably withstands even combined forces of Exterminatus, Chaos Emeralds, and Elements of Harmony and any living things can safely pass the barrier(unless when they're bacteria outside the bodies of living things)

(Payton then also got a message in his Communicator)

the Teleportarium Terminal of Radiant Garden has been Installed, it used to link this place with Traverse Town, Mobius, Equestria, and Mushroom Kingdom(another Teleportarium Terminals) and it's big enough to accomodates even Warhound Scout Titan

Payton: and we can traverses freely between Traverse Town, Mobius, Equestria, Mushroom Kingdom

Korra: and of course my homeworld

(and Finally, Payton's team(minus HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and Payton himself) along some squads of Space Marines patrols outside Radiant Garden. Meanwhile in the Traverse Town. Knight Commander Pask and Commander Bitchslap patrolling in Traverse Town streets with their personal Leman Russ Tanks: Pask got Leman Russ executioner while Bitchslap got Leman Russ Vanquisher with Assault Cannons for Anti-infantry defenses)

Knight Commander Pask: so far so good

Commander Bitchslap: yeah!

(behind them, there's Commissar Yarrick riding his upgraded Fortress of Arrogance: it has Gatling Coilguns(known as Burst Cannon) in place of Heavy Bolters, Railguns in place of Lascannons, Particle Cannons(Capable of Sustained fire) in place of Autocannons, Gauss Obliterator for it's main gun, Demolisher Cannon, and it has antimatter missile pods)

Commissar Yarrick: check out my new Fortress of Arrogance

Ursakar E. Creed: *Talks through Commander Bitchslap's personal Leman Russ vox Caster* I has deploys some Warhound Scout Titans across Traverse Town where they can hides very well courtesy of my Tactical Genius

(Suddenly, there's siren throughout Traverse Town)

Space Marine captain: *talks through speaker* the Anunnaki has arrived

(Commander Bitchslap, Commissar Yarrick, and Knight Commander Pask then drives around. meanwhile, in the Radiant Garden, the Payton's team(minus most HTFs) and Space Marine squads patrols around Radiant Garden)

Payton: so far so good!

(Suddenly, Payton got incoming Transmission from Bjorn the Fell-handed)

Bjorn the Fell-Handed: *Talks through Payton's communicator* be wary, what we will up against now are can makes even Horus Heresy looks like Cakewalk and the Battlefield of the incoming war that makes Horus Heresy looks like cakewalk are the omniverse itself

Payton: but don't worry, at least we have something that overpowered enough to solos whole 40k Universe like Splendid, Chaos Emeralds, and Elements of Harmony

Ursakar E. Creed: *Talks through Payton's communicator* and my own Tactical Genius of course. I'm hiding in the high-tech bunker that can tanks everything from Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Nanotech weaponry to Black Hole weaponry and even Exterminatus combined with Chaos Emeralds and Elements of Harmony and located deep beneath Traverse Town

Payton: so how about Imperial forces that defend those worlds: Mobius, Equestria, Mushroom Kingdom, and Korra's homeworld?

Ursakar E. Creed: *Talks through Payton's Communicator* they're defended by Grey Knights and UNSC as well Mobian Militias and now-turned good Robotnik, Sisters of Battle and Equestrian Militias, King Croacus and his people as well some of our forces, and Adeptus Mechanicus Forces(including Iron Hands Space Marine chapter) and resident benders respectively. but now the Anunnaki forces has landed on Traverse Town though at least we have Flying Metal Boxes(Rhino Tranports(or it's variants) and Land Raider with Anti-gravity propulsion) and other new weapons

(then, the Anunnaki forces are arrives in the Radiant Garden)

Heavy: man! they got Grilled Cheese Sandvich for their Bread and Butter

Sniper: Yeah!

Engineer: that's basically Mann vs Machine 2.0

Soldier: *Prays* may God and Jesus let us all survives this battle

(the incoming Anunnaki forces then attacks Radiant Garden, we see Max in his computer)

Max: *Talks through Payton's team Communicator* Payton! don't let the Anunnaki reaches the Radiant Garden terminal of Teleportarium networks, and our mission is wait for Plankton being dropped of in Radiant Garden.

Payton: we got it

(Payton's team then fights incoming Anunnaki forces: just before fighting, The Rangers, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi morphs into their superpowered forms, then they fights Anunnaki forces alongside the rest of Payton's team)

Ziggy Grover: *clumsily fights Anunnaki troops* they're just too real, too fast, too big, and too powerful to be a man in suit

(Payton then summons Angry Birds as well Homestuck Kids and Loyalist Primarch to assists his team fighting Anunnaki forces)

Payton: Space Marine! drains the force shields of Anunnaki troops while destroying them is up to us

(the Space Marines(along Pulse Rifle-armed Imperial Guardsmen and Vulcan Mega-Bolter turret as well Prism Tank providing fire support) shooting Anunnaki forces with their Automatic railguns, then Payton's team deals finishing blows as their force shields is temporarily drained: Adam Jensen shots Anunnaki Tripods in their vulnerable legs with his HI-NRG Plasma Rifle, leaving them collapses under their weight. Scout speedblitzes Anunnaki stormtroopers with his Katana(Scout fast enough to keep up with Sonic and Rainbow Dash). Robocop shoots Anunnaki troops with his Pistol at pinpoint accuracy. Payton and Twilight Sparkle rushes against Anunnaki Stormtroopers where their Barrier Powers protects them from their Blasters and then Payton and Twilight defeats Stormtroopers with their Fire Powers. Cream throws her Chao: Cheese at Anunnaki Annihilator's face)

Cream: looks like you have no word "peace" in your dictionary in spite of your godlike Intellect

(Barrett Wallace punches holes in Myrmidon Hovertanks with his Pile Bunker(this is transformation of his Bionic Arm). Sniper and Payton Snipes Chupacabras with their Sniper Rifle and Black Bird respectively. Heavy and Space Marine Devastator squads lays Suppressive Fire against Incoming Anunnaki forces with their Gatling guns respectively. Isami and Assault Marine Squads(they all are equipped with Power Swords that looks like Lightsaber) engages Anunnaki forces in Close Combat. Splendid, Cape Mario, and Rainbow Dash as well Cyborg Splendid and RD-5000 engages Anunnaki Aircrafts and Vulturites in Radiant Garden Airspace where they destroys Anunnaki Aircrafts and Vulturites with fairly ease. and then, Payton receives transmission from Creed)

Ursakar E. Creed: *Talks through Payton's commmunicator* the Bowser(upgraded with Anunnaki Nanotechnology) has arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom, Discord and King Sombra has merged and wreak havoc in Equestria, and the Anunnaki has threaten to planet-nuking Mobius

Payton: Mario, go to Mushroom Kingdom and use your Cape Mario form combined with your other super forms. Sonic and Shadow, go to the Mobius and use your Super Emeralds to destroys Flying Tesseracts and Anunnaki fleets. and Mane 6, go to the Equestria and use your elements of Harmony at Discord-King Sombra mix. as well Korra, go back to your homeworld and use your Avatar state to go Super Saiyan when defending your own homeworld. but all of you, you must returns to Radiant Garden immediately once you finished defending your own homeworld

(Payton then orders Mario, Sonic and Shadow, Mane 6, and Korra to go back to their respective home universes with Teleportatium Networks to defends them from Anunnaki forces. Meanwhile in the Traverse Town, the Imperials fights Anunnaki forces alongside Traverse Town citizens)

Commissar Yarrick: no surrender!

(Commissar Yarrick shots Incoming Giant Robots of the Anunnaki with Gauss Obliterator(as Main gun of his Fortress of Arrogance 2.0) where it vaporizes leg joints of Anunnaki's giant robots, Grox Guardsmen shooting their Lasguns around only to got hit by soccer balls that Conan Edogawa kicks to them where Conan Edogawa fights Grox Guardsmen with his Soccer moves, Trevor Philips and Michael DeSanta teams up with Penal Legionnaires(Imperium criminals that fought as guardsmen) as well Traverse Town outlaws(that's deliberately released from their prisons to fought the Battle of Traverse Town) to fought Anunnaki forces)

Penal Legionnaire 01: how did you ends up landing on Traverse Town?

Michael DeSanta: back when we escaping our doomed universe with Trevor and Franklin, we somehow ends up landing here

Trevor Philips: eat my chainsaw *killing Anunnaki forces with Chainsaw*

(as Michael and Trevor got outnumbered by Anunnaki forces in spite of teaming up with Penal Legionnaires and Traverse Town outlaws, Franklin Clinton arrives with School Bus to take Michael, Trevor, Penal legionnaires, and other Traverse Town outlaws)

Franklin Clinton: Quick, ride this bus please!

(as Franklin tells Penal Legionnaires as well Michael and other Traverse Town outlaws to ride the bus, Trevor fights Anunnaki forces standstill until he decides to rides the bus as he got hopelessly outnumbered by Anunnaki forces. then the bus that driven by Franklin patrols in Traverse Town streets. Commander Bitchslap(in his Leman Russ Vanquisher) got surrounded by swarms of Chupacabras where as the Swarms of Chupacabras are approaching Bitchslap's Leman russ vanquisher, Commander Bitchslap's Leman Russ vanquisher rotates 360 degrees whilst firing it's Assault Cannons sideways, shooting Chupacabras to death where upon death, Chupacabra's antimatter detonation blasts surviving chupacabras, setting chain reaction that eventually leads to the destruction of Bitchslap's Leman Russ Vanquisher, luckily, Commander Bitchslap manages to escapes his doomed tank before his tank explodes)

Commander Bitchslap: my Tank! at least I can fights on foot

(Commander Bitchslap then fights Grox Space Marine dreadnoughts where he blows them up with his Oversized Power Fist, then Gregor Eisenhorn kills incoming swarms of Dronox and Insectrox with his trowing hat and his powers, meanwhile Back in the Radiant Garden. Payton's team(Minus Mario, Sonic and Shadow, Mane 6, and Korra) bravely foughts Anunnaki forces where suddenly, an army of Anunnaki's Giant Robots comes out from the Sky)

Payton: Splendid! Takes down the Flying Tesseract and Anunnaki space fleets. Spike and FF Characters, Takes the Anunnaki Giant Robots, and the Rest, Take the Rest

(Payton then orders Splendid to takes on Anunnaki Space Fleets and Flying Tesseracts, Spike turns into Giant Spike where he uses his tails to smashes Anunnaki Giant Robots, Cloud Strife and Leon are slicing the legs of Giant Robots as well Isami jumps in the front of Anunnaki Giant Robot and slices it into half with her sword, then the Serpentrons comes for Payton's Team)

Payton: be wary, they can multiplies everytime we attacks any parts that aren't it's head

Sabin: looks like they're another trains that I want to suplex, except with guns

(Sabin then suplexing the Serpentrons until when he attempts to suplex one of the serpentrons, he got gunned down by Serpentron. then Koganei uses his Arrow Form of Kougon Anki to Shots Serpentrons in their heads)

Payton: You're pay for killing my new friend *shots can of sardines at Serpentron's head with his Slingshot(courtesy of Angry Birds summon)*

(the Sardines can that Payton fires at Serpentron's head does summons Mighty Eagle that instantly destroys Serpentron's head upon impact. Loyalist Primarchs and Homestuck Kids that Payton summons does pulls off good fights against Anunnaki forces with their unique godlike powers where their attacks Splits mountains and Decimates armies in Nanosecond. Guardsman Marbo and Keyblade-wielding Custodian fighting Anunnaki forces side by side with their Godlike powers. Commander Shadowsun shots down Serpentrons in their heads and blasting Anunnaki heavy armor(including their Giant Robots). and despite the best efforts of Payton's team, the battle leaves Payton's team heavily exhausted where the Power Rangers are mortally wounded)

Payton: everybody! retreats to the Radiant Garden itself

(The Payton's team then quickly retreats to the Radiant Garden as they got grossly outnumbered ten to one and as they retreats, the mortally wounded Power Rangers(now, they're also infected with Anunnaki Nanotechnology) sacrifices themselves so the rest of Payton's team makes it into Radiant Garden and just after everyone retreats into behind Radiant Garden walls, Adam Jensen fires Vortex Missile Launcher at Anunnaki Armies in order to kill them, and finally, the Radiant Garden wall gate closed where the Vulcan Mega-Bolter turrets lays Suppressive fire at the Anunnaki forces while the entrenched Prism Tanks lays Anti-armor punch at the Anunnaki forces and Pulse Rifle-armed Guardsmen snipes Anunnaki forces. as the Payton's team hides in the Radiant Garden, they got reunited with Mario, Sonic and Shadow, Mane 6, and Korra that returns into Radiant Garden terminal of Teleportarium networks from their respective homeworlds)

Payton: how about your fights in your respective homeworlds?

Mario: I has defeated Bowser, but despite Bowser's defeat, the Anunnaki forces are about to takes over the Mushroom Kingdom, so that's why I retreated to Radiant Garden

Sonic: we uses Super Emeralds at the Anunnaki forces that invading Mobius, but due to numberlessness of Anunnaki forces, we forced to retreats to Radiant Garden through Teleportarium

Payton: I hope we have enough Chaos Emeralds and Elements of Harmony to survive this War once the situation demands us to leaves Radiant Garden

(Suddenly, the Anunnaki forces comes out from Teleportarium Terminal)

Adam Jensen: Run Everybody!

(Adam Jensen then quickly kills Anunnaki forces before he finally destroys Teleportarium Terminal so no more Anunnaki comes out from Teleportarium Terminal)

Adam Jensen: the Anunnaki has attacks from behind through Teleportarium Terminals

Payton: does this just happened here?

Max: it also happens in every Teleportarium Terminals: in Traverse Town, Mobius, Equestria, and Mushroom Kingdom, so this leaves us isolated here in the Radiant Garden since the space is become giant fireworks display due to Imperial and Anunnaki spaceships shooting each other

(The Payton's team then goes into Control room of Radiant Garden where Max and Leona got a Message)

From: Trevor Spacey

To: Leona Heidern and Max

we got ambushed by Illuminati forces(to the extent, Anunnaki forces) during our journey into Planktopolis 2.0 and until now, we're still far away from Planktopolis 2.0

Leona Heidern: Can you and the rest of your teammates reach Planktopolis 2.0 as soon as possible?

Trevor Spacey: *Talks through Radiant Garden computer* maybe!

(Payton unawares that he now got D-Link to summons Army of Super Sentai Warriors)

Payton: how long the shield can holds Anunnaki attacks?

Techpriest: the shield that protects Radiant Garden isn't just Colony Drop-proof, it also can comfortably withstands everything including even combined forces of Chaos Emeralds, Elements of Harmony, and Exterminatus

Payton: so how exactly the instruction from Ansem the Wise to restores universes that anunnaki destroys to built their Kingdom hearts?

Adam Jensen: by forging the most powerful Keyblade and Keyblade Armor that can only used by the most powerful of us

Splendid: who? me?

Payton: yeah! we'll makes Keyblade and Keyblade armor specifically for you, so Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Sniffles, and Professor E.Gadd! make the Keyblade and Keyblade Armor for Splendid

(Twilight Sparkle then forges Keyblade named Blade of Splendid as well HTF-sized Keyblade Armor made for Splendid with her Powers while Sniffles, Tails, and Professor E. Gadd working on it's more technological parts of Splendid's Keyblade Armor)

Tails: Splendid! can you summons this suit with your powers once we're finished working on this?

Splendid: yes of course

Cyborg Splendid: does I can also use his Keyblade and Keyblade armor since I might stronger than even Splendid himself?

Payton: yes! but too bad, you have C'tan Shard of Deceiver as your CPU so this might backfires

(Suddenly, the Radiant Garden computer detects something)

Radiant Garden computer: the Oguma forces of the Anunnaki are approaching Radiant Garden, their shields stops everything that we fires at them

Payton: ok Leona! deal with them!

(Payton then orders Leona Heidern to leaves Radiant Garden town perimeter to deal with Oguma Forces, as Oguma forces approaching the Radiant Garden, their shield discs stops Vulcan Mega-bolter Rounds, Prism Tanks laser beams, Pulse Rifle rounds, and so on. until they meets Leona Heidern)

Sermeg Oguma: Puny Earthlings!

Leona Heidern: don't touch my friends

(Oguma and his men then throws their discs at Leona Heidern only to have those Monomolecular plasma discs split by Leona's moon slash. meanwhile, behind Leona Heidern, an Enlil's Hammer lands in the Radiant Garden, Neutralizing it's shield because of the force of Enlil's Hammer overloading the Shield Generator of the Radiant Garden, and after Oguma and his men losing their shields, Leona picks them off with her earring bomb and M41A Pulse Rifle. meanwhile, back at Radiant Garden castle, Payton and his team(minus Leona Heidern) got shaken by the shock of Enlil's Hammer)

Payton: what's happening?

Max: the Anunnaki has neutralized our shield with Enlil's Hammer by overloading it's generator

Adam Jensen: and the generator is damaged Beyond Repair not to mention the place where the Generator are located are infected with Grey Goo Nanites

Payton: Tails and Twilight! what's about your works on Blade of Splendid and Splendid's Keyblade armor?

Twilight Sparkle: by the time we're busy working on the Keyblade and Keyblade's armor, it interrupts our works on that

Professor E. Gadd: at least I has saves our works on Keyblade and Keyblade Armor for Splendid in my USB Flashdisk so we can finish this later

Payton: ok everybody! all the Happy Tree Friends that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and of course me as well Max, Stay here while we go outside to fights Anunnaki Forces while Max, your Jirachi can provides us some Miracles

(the Payton's team(Minus Max and His Jirachi and Happy Tree Friends that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and Payton himself) then comes out from Radiant Garden's castle to Assists Leona Heidern fighting Anunnaki forces. the Anunnaki Revenants and Singularity Cannons then bombards Radiant Garden's Castle(the Point Defense Lasers on the top of Vulcan Mega-Bolter turrets are little more than death traps against proton missiles of Anunnaki revenants))

Payton: Leona Heidern, Guardsman Marbo, Demoman, Flippy, the Mole, Blaze, and Commander Shadowsun, Neutralizes Anunnaki artillery pieces that bombarding Radiant Garden. Splendid, Rainbow Dash, Silver, Mario, Luigi, Korra, Cyborg Splendid, RD-5000, and me, deal with Anunnaki airforces where Mario and Luigi uses Cape Mario forms. FF Characters and Keyblade-wielding Custodian as well the rest of my team that aren't most HTFs and Max, deal with the rest of the Anunnaki forces

(Commander Shadowsun and Demoman destroys Anunnaki artillery pieces with their Fusion Blasters and Grenade Launchers respectively as well Flippy uses his Vortex Grenades at Anunnaki singularity Cannons)

Flippy: taste your medicines

(Splendid, Rainbow Dash(uses her Super form), Mario and Luigi(uses their Cape forms), Korra(uses her Avatar State to go Super Saiyan), and Payton himself is dealing with Anunnaki Airforces and Spacecrafts(to the extent they also fights Anunnaki ground forces) where Payton also summons Loyalist Primarchs, Homestuck Kids, and army of every single Super Sentai Warriors to fought ground battles for him. Payton also uses Angry Birds summons to shots Anunnaki Vulturites and other Anunnaki airforces. Anunnaki Annihilators fires their Gatling Guns(that fires superheated Plasma Pellets) at Radiant Garden towns only to later got shot by Leon's Fireballs as well Vincent's Guns. Keyblade-Wielding Custodian fights Anunnaki forces alongside Loyalist Primarchs and Homestuck kids where their attacks are also splits the Mountains. the Super Sentai Warriors then uses their Megazords to fights Anunnaki giant robots that invading Radiant Garden where their Finishing moves slices Anunnaki Giant Robots like Knives through Butter. Amazing Alex ambushes Anunnaki with his traps ala Amadeus Cho. Professor E. Gadd shots Anunnaki with his Raygun akimbo where his personal Force Field protects him from Anunnaki shots as well Cid shots Anunnaki forces with his Raygun. Tails and Twilight Sparkle shots Anunnaki troops with their Arm Cannon and Magic beam respectively. Kaoru Koganei and Space Marine Squads fighting Anunnaki forces with his Kougon Anki and chainswords respectively. Guardsman Marbo then calls Gabriel Angelos)

Guardsman Marbo: Captain Gabe! we need some Reinforcements

Gabriel Angelos: *sent Drop Pods filled with Space Marines and their fire supports as well he also sent Valkryies paradrops Grav-chutes equipped Cadian Kasrkin*

(the Cadian Kasrkin and Space Marines(with their Fire supports) lays Suppressive fire with their Burst Cannons at the Anunnaki forces as well Adam Jensen also pulls off Heavy Bolter Akimbo alongside Heavy and Space Marine Devastators and Hellfire Dreadnoughts. Space Marine Dreadnoughts got caught in the CQC situations against Anunnaki Annihilators where some Annihilators destroys Dreadnoughts with their Electrocution(upon grabbing Dreanought) while others got destroyed by Dreadnought Powerfists. Rosalina Wipes out Anunnaki forces with her Powers. and despite the best efforts that Payton's team pulls off, they're still hopelessly outnumbered by the Anunnaki forces as well due to Crumbling Castle, they're also forced to retreats into Radiant Garden itself)

Guardsman Marbo: their numbers massively dwarfs combined numbers of Orks and Tyranids and they can makes Necrons looks like Cavemen

Payton: let's save those that makes Hiding in the Castle as the castle crumbling from Bombardment of Anunnaki forces

(Payton's team quickly rescues most HTFs and Max from Radiant Garden's castle as the Castle crumbles. but unfortunately, this leaves Max as the Only survivor of the crumbling Radiant Garden as the Happy Tree Friends dies from their wounds(their fragile physiology allows them to be killed by even slightest of the injuries), rendering Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and Payton himself as well Lumpy the only remaining Happy Tree Friends)

Payton: Nooooooooooooooo! Max can you use your Jirachi to being them back to life?

Max: yes!

(just before Max tells his Jirachi to bring back dead HTFs to life, there's something that kills Max and his Jirachi)

Payton: what is it?

(it later revealed to be Anunnaki Assassin Ningishizida)

Anunnaki Assassin Ningishizida: I come to retrieves Chaos Emeralds as well Assassinates all of you through time warp(which can keeps any of you from touching me)

(Payton then orders what his team left to attacks Anunnaki Assassin only to finds out that Anunnaki Assassin Ningishizida loves to teleports, preventing any of Payton's team from touching him and it kills Payton as well Sonic(by grabbing his head and electrocuting him) and he got all 7 remaining Chaos Emeralds)

Amy: Sonic!

(Amy go to Sonic's corpse only to got shot by Anunnaki Assassin. and finally, just before it kills Mane 6 plus Spike and Derpy as well Mario characters and Korra and her friends plus Leona Heidern and Kaoru Koganei as well now-wounded Marbo and Keyblade-wielding Custodian(which is the only remaining members of Payton's team by now), Hiro Nakamura arrives via Teleportation)

Hiro Nakamura: don't mess with my friends or I kill you just like in Screwattack's Death Battle!

Hiro Nakamura: and Give me Dragon Balls!

(Hiro Nakamura then engages Swordfights with Anunnaki Assassin Ningishizida: the Assassin can works around Hiro's time stop Powers, So Hiro engages it in a Sword Fight where whatever Anunnaki Assassin shots him, He uses his Time stop only to got physically outmatched by Anunnaki Assassin where the Anunnaki Assassin manages to destroys Hiro's swords and when Hiro has his swords destroyed by Anunnaki Assassin, he proceed to kicks Anunnaki Assassin Ningisizida in the balls only to breaks his own leg,, but suddenly, the Anunnaki Assassin Ningishizida teleports away, it got away with Chaos Emeralds, so Hiro Nakamura teleports away(before doing so, he talks with his teammates that travels to Planktopolis 2.0), and it later revealed that what makes Anunnaki Assassin Ningishizida teleports away is: someone has calls the reinforcements of Global Defense Union forces: they consists Zone Troopers(and it's variations) for it's Infantry, Mechanized walker akin to GDI's Titan, and Mammoth MK2 to confronts Anunnaki forces in the now-ruined Radiant Garden, and due to the GDU's lack of Technological Prowess of the Imperium of Man, they're mere speed bumps for the Anunnaki forces. but this allows the renmants of Payton's team escapes from Radiant Garden with Imperial Navy vessel that called by resident Astropath of the Payton's team. and finally, the renmants of Payton's team flies from Radiant Garden with the Imperial Navy's vessel from doomed Radiant Garden)

Fluttershy: Next stop! Traverse Town

(the warp-ship that transports the remaining members of Payton's team flies into Traverse Town only to finds out that Traverse Town is similarly ruined where when they takes wounded Marbo, there's something that kills Marbo. and after they sees fleets after fleets of Imperial Spaceships evacuating Traverse Town citizens, the Warp ship that carries what left of Payton's team finally flies into the Disney Fortress, following the fleets of the refugees. we skip some time later where Payton's wakes up in the bedroom with a Photo of these characters: Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven(with her hood off) from Teen Titans animated series; Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koushiro, Joe, Takeru, and Hikari from Digimon(02 forms in summer clothes); Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants; Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts(KH2 forms); Ash Ketchum, Misty, Tracey Sketchit, and Melody from Pokemon(both Ash and Misty are wearing Advanced generation outfits while Melody are from Pokemon the Movie 2000(in her street clothes without her sunglasses)) placed next into him)

Payton: what is this?

(unaware of Payton, he got power to Summons those characters through D-Link, then Adam Jensen visits Payton in this Bedroom)

Adam Jensen: I got some news for you: the bad news is: your home world is beyond recovery, but the good news is: all of your teammates, including me will gather in the courtyard section of Traverse Town

(Payton then follows Adam Jensen to the Courtyard Section of Traverse Town and finally, he and Adam Jensen gathers with the rest of His teammates where Vinyl Scratch are about to plays the song. and finally, everyone dances in Gangnam style)

This is the spin-off of the Ani-Toonspiracy Project to crossovers Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as well Warhammer 40000, Portal, and Angry Birds among others(including even Flame of Recca)


The Ani-Toonspiracy Project are the only thing that belongs to me so far

Payton is belongs to :iconflippythekiller:

Super Forms of Ponies are belongs to :iconklonoa-rainbow-dash:

Everything else is belongs to their respective owners
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